November 29, 2015
A Word About The Chief Executive
Ustaza Nighat Hashmi is the prodigious daughter of Mr. Abdur Rahman Hashmi, a staunch muslim and a renowned scholar of Islam. Mr. Abdur Rahman Hashmi was the student of Maulana Shabbir Ahmad Usmani, a renowned authority of the East, in Islam.
Having being reared up within the confines of Quran and Sunnah,she received personal attention and Quranic education at the very hands of her own inspiring father.

So, proverbially, she had the spirit of Islam in her bones, therefore after completing her formal education from premier institutions like University of the Punjab, she embarked upon the arduous and formidable task of re-uniting the masses with their Creator. She has been endowed with extraordinary courage perseverance and spirit by Allah.
M.A [ Islamic Studies ]
M.A [ Arabic ]
M.A [ Education ]
M.Phil [Teachers Education ]
• Teaching Career
o Lecturer in Dharam Pura College for Women Lahore [1987-1994]
o Assistant Professor Islamic education, Islamia University, Bhawalpur [1994-2007]
• Main activities
Specially teaching Quran translation,Tafseer,Hadith,Seerah,and contemporary issues of Islam
• Publications
o Tarjama e Quran
o Jamma- ul-Quran wal Hadith,
o Khasais e Musnad
o Feehi Zikrukum
o Sabeel un Najaat
o Quranan Ajaba[Tafseer e –Quran in short Q/A form]
o Taleemul Quran Surah Series
o Lafzi Tarjama Paras
o Qurani Alfaaz Paras
o Tibb e Nabvi
o RaziAllahu Anhum
o Seerah Series books
o Akhlaaq Series books
o Infaaq Series books
o Aakhrat Series books
o Dil Badlay To Zindagi Badlay Part I and Part II.
o Islah k Saat Rang
o Ghar Bachaoo Series Books
o Kids Series Books
And many more [Al-Noor’s publication detail is available under the website publications section]
• Webcast
o Live Audio Streaming on website of class room lectures
o Daily Quran Class and speeches released.
• Video Cds
o Ghar Bachaoo Series
o Labbaik Allahumma Labbaik
o Shahru Ramadan
• Audio Cds
o All Above mentioned topics/lectures are released in cds.
o Complete set of Taleemul Quran [Tafseer].
o Taleemul Quran Surah wise Tafseer Courses.
o Open Lectures/Lectures on special topics.
o Ocassional Speeches.
o Short Courses/ Dars.[Details in Productions Section]

A Word About The CEO
Released on 05/07/2009

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