January 23, 2018
What is Al-Noor


A Few years back a research was conducted on the topic “Analysis of character building in the religious institutes of Pakistan.” The results acknowledged from this work out are both, miserable and in contradiction to the true preaching’s of Islam.

Al-Noor Lahore Campus

This was the movement which led to the establishment of “Al-Noor International” in 1996,with the objective of promoting character building in the muslim youth in the light of Quran and Sunnah.

Al-Noor International is the brain child of Ustaza Nighat Hashmi, after putting in her dedicated and untiring efforts for nearly two decades.

Eversince its incipience this institution has been providing services to the female with emphasis on the following aspects;

Main Lecture Theatre, Lahore Campus
• Teachings of Quran,
• Teachings of Sunnah,
• Dawat-o-Tableegh of Deen and
• Rehabilitation of deprived classes under the guidance of Al-Noor Welfare Foundation

Al Noor is a platform that stimulates and inspires the individual from just thinking about oneself to thinking about the society as a whole. This higher level of thinking which is to go from selfishness to selflessness benefits the populations as a whole Alhumdullilah.

Al Noor teaches individuals how to improve their relationships with Allah Almighty, Lord and Creator of the Universe. It also teaches individuals how to maintain and improve their relationship with each other. It makes us aware that we are accountable for our actions.

Al Noor teaches how to follow in the steps of Rasool Allah may peace and blessings be upon him. It brings out abilities and talents and helps enhance and polish the character.

Al Noor teaches you how to live in the real world by imparting knowledge of the guidance that our Creator gave us through Glorious Quran Majeed. It prepares us to understand the purpose of our existence and answers the questions as to why we are here in this world.

Al Noor teaches women how to play their role in the society. As a daughter to have modesty, as a sister to have empathy, as a wife to be faithful and devoted and as a mother to be totally caring and always praying for the welfare of her children.

Al Noor is an Educational Institute that explains, depicts and portrays the reality of Islam, teaches us the beauty and gracefulness of Islam, which enlightens the hearts. The study of the Quran helps and guides restless souls and gives solace to souls needing peace.

Al Noor prepares and molds personalities for the benefit of humanity. Talents are recognized and brought forth and manners are taught and morals are valued. Spiritual environment is provided to calm the soul.

The Founder and CEO of Al Noor Welfare Foundation Scholar Nighat hashmi is always striving to bring about a positive change in individual and society.

The focus of Al Noor is to try to make the individual a good practicing Muslim. Values of Al Noor are for students to acquire knowledge, to gain faith, to implement good deeds and to spread Islam.

Al Noor's Mission is to teach and spread the knowledge of Quran and Sunnah. To evolve the spiritual state to a higher level.

Al Noor prepares visionary individuals as well as missionary individuals who will work for the benefit and uplift of the society therefore every student should play a vital role.

Al Noor wants to produce graduates as leaders who will be positive role models for humankind.

Prayer Room






Twenty main institutes of AL-Noor are working simultaneously in Pakistan.All of them are equipped with

• Proper classrooms
• Well stocked library
• Computer lab
• Research Wing
• Publishing Department
• Offices
• Hostel
Several other smaller branches of Al-Noor are running throughout the country .

Class Room

Class Rooms:

Spacious,well equipped with audio video aids for teaching..

Students During Lecture

Research Wing:

It facilitates the education by providing relevant Aahadith, Quranic verses, examples from everyday life and science
Research wing is equipped with a vast collection of books on a wide range of subjects.

Research Wing


Publishing Department:

To regulate the education of the Quran and Hadith,the publishing department works mainly on Tafseer - e-Quran and Tafseer -e-Hadith.Other than these a variety of books like Quranan Ajaban,Fee-e-Zikrikum,Seerat series,Infaaq series,Akhlaq series,Dua series and lot more have been printed

Al-Noor Publications

Recording Department:

Al-Noor’s recording department records live lectures delivered during the class or on special occasions. To make it accessible to the listeners on Cd’s and cassettes, the relevant section edits, proof listens, and compile theses lectures.

Live Recording in Process


Live audio video streaming of the Quran classes is in progress through Al-Noor’s website, so that people sitting in every corner of the world could be benefited at their convenience. These classes are repeatedly broadcasted several times a day. In addition to these classes other lectures could be downloaded free of cost from the website.

Broadcating of Live Class
for Website

Social Welfare Department:

Feeling the responsibility to struggle for the rehabilitation of the deprived sections of the society and spreading the Quranic message to everyone, following welfare activities are performed under the umbrella of Al-Noor Welfare Foundation.

Public places Actvities

• Rishta Nata Department:

Facilitate marriage especially of needy and poor girls.
• Annhum Yakfulu Mariam
Bearing expenses for the books and hostels lodging for deserving female students.

• Khidmat-e-Khalaq:

Managing gifts for poor families to help them participate in the happiness of the religious festivals and other events.

• Relief activities:

Providing relief in the form of food, medicines and basic necessities of life to the ones affected by natural disasters like earthquakes or floods etc.

Social Activies in Public Places

Dawa Promotional Activity:
Open Program

Dawat-o-Tableegh Department:

Schools, colleges, hostels, universities and other educational institutions are visited where lectures and short courses are arranged. Teachers and students share their experiences with each other.

Dawa Promotional Activity:
Book Stalls

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